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Back to Botallack mixed media/acrylic modernist painting
Country of Origin
21st century
Mixed media on canvas
Signed by the artist
140.00cm wide (55.12 inches wide)
280.00cm high (110.24 inches high)

from the artist


Patrick Haughton is featured in many books, he was elected as a full member of Newlyn Society of Artist in 1966 and an associate member of the Penwith Society of Arts.

Exhibition History

Many exhibitions in prominent galleries


This painting is a major piece from the retrospective celebrating Patrick Haughton's 75th birthday - Patrick Haughton and Friends 50 years on.
Artists Statement; In recent years, my work has shifted its emphasis, from reflections on landscapes, to wider concerns regarding a sense of time and place. I am fascinated by ways in which the transitory nature of existence is demonstrated; by traces of former human social and physical activity and the action of natural forces on the external world. Works evolve in the process of making, of constructing and assembling, drawing, painting, on canvas, board or paper. I search for a visual language, which will communicate perceptions of place and time, from time to time juxtaposing fragments of found objects and documents with graphic media, thus introducing elements of reality into work. Influences on my paintings are many. Visual artists such as Picasso, Braque and Nicholson, Brancusi and Hepworth, are clearly important to me, as is the experience of regular visits to France and Germany. But the music played in the studio - anything from baroque to the 20th century composers, and contemporary jazz music has its own effect on the structures and content of work. In the final analysis I would hope that the work is an honest reflection of my experience of life.