OFRANDE by Luc Benedetti rugby player placing the ball finished in a pale green patina

OFRANDE by Luc Benedetti rugby player placing the ball finished in a pale green patina
Country of Origin
Bronze / Edition 3/15
Signed by the artist
34.00cm wide (13.39 inches wide)
19.00cm high (7.48 inches high)
13.00cm deep (5.12 inches deep)

from the artist

Exhibition History

Art World Gallery Falmouth, Fresh art fair Cheltenham, Edinburgh contemporary art fair, Chelsea contemporary art fair


If you are into Rugby - you will know this moment, the concentration, getting everything just right, then go for it.
Luc Benedetti born 1970 son of the famous sculptor Livio Benedetti with whom Luc worked along side from a very early age learning the techniques of his father. Luc’s work is mainly inspired by the world of sport and based on portrayals of the human body in motion. Luc reproduces its movements, dynamics, tensions and instabilities seeking to overcome the stasis inherent in bronze via choreographic sequences. He removes any superfluous details from these sometimes much larger willowy, spindly figures in order to concentrate on what he considers essential. As a former rugby player, it is only natural that rugby provides Luc’s primary source of inspiration. He is fascinated by the passion and diversity with which rugby stage manages its actors; with solitary runs and collective charges, furious power struggles, and moments of concentration that freezes time. Though the drama of this sport is a strong inspiration for Luc he has now broadened his work to depict other sports, such as skiing, golf, and ice hockey where for each one he finds a line of attack that suits his form of expression.
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