Resting in Red from the Muse series

Resting in Red from the Muse series
Country of Origin
21st century
Acrylic on canvas with real rose petals
Signed by the artist
102.00cm wide (40.16 inches wide)
76.00cm high (29.92 inches high)

from the artist


This poem was writen by Joseph Capicotto for his Muse series
Rest your pretty head baby
and let your feet be swept
from underneath you
the tears you've wept
will rise up into a thirsty sun
once again becoming one
with a universe that for so long
has kept balance true and strong.
True and strong is what you are
shining like a little star
in a sky, vast by night
one star still shines more bright.
They say your eyes are the windows
to your soul,
shining through yours is something
more beautiful,
than the painted wings of butterflies
or city lit streets on rainy nights.
Do what you do with passion and grace,
everything else will fall into place.

by Joseph Capicotto

Exhibition History

exhibits in prestigious galleries in Canada and now in Art World Gallery Falmouth


This lovely lady resting on her bed, her hair tussled and she is covered in this wonderful throw, made of real rose petals, just imagine the perfume that surrounds her. Painted by Joseph Capicotto who is a Canadian artist living in Toronto. His wealth of experience in light, colour, form and dimension is seen in the natural transition he brings to the canvas. His pieces resonate with carefree passion. Joseph’s figurative paintings embrace the elegant features of the human figure with a romantic flowing style. Many of his pieces express a sense of reality and dream, at the same time. They evoke feelings of mystery, passion and intrigue. Joseph Capicotto has enjoyed much media exposure, ranging from art shows in prestigious galleries, to numerous charity events. He has been commissioned by corporate and private art enthusiasts for both murals and paintings. Joseph has also been an integral part of the Italian Walk of Fame for many years, and in 2014 he was elected chairman of the board.
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