Claire Fontana

Claire Fontana was born in Strasbourg (France) in 1972. She studied both sculpture and painting at the Arts Decoratifs School in Paris from 1995/1998 later she specialised in sculpture at the Academy 0f Fine Arts of Carrara (Italy). Claire’s sculptures evoke so many screenshots taken at this decisive moment when the character is caught in a vital expression. Bronze is worked with striking lightness and immortalises the ephemeral in all its tension. The artist sees water as an ambiguous element; it is successively represented as a blessing; divers happily taking the plunge, people discarding a paddle for a swim, and at the risk of a fatal outcome a surfer rides the powerful wave. Claire’s sculpture calls for a moment of meditation, a need for peace, a suspended moment of joy. The fleeting quality of what is shown is never contradicted by the way it is treated. Her delicate silhouettes are only partially revealed, in spite of their retinal persistence they remain a quest for truth.