Felix Trost

Born in Trélazé in 1951.Artist in both acrylic and watercolour, his work positively glows with vibrant colour and atmosphere of Western France.Much of his work on canvas is applied using pallet knife, thus adding strength and perspective to his delightful images of the coast and charming towns and villages in France.Self-taught, he has been interested in painting since 1970 and is inspired by townscapes and often lively beaches scenes.He gives life to his paintings in a figurative and colourful style, where yellow and predominate.He has exhibited in many cities such as Sainte Maure de Touraine, Thouars, Saumur, Paris, Le Mans, Bordeaux, Niort, Brignoles, Angers, Maia (Portugal) and in various galleries. He has received many awards and been guest of honour several times in various salons.Listed in the Bénézit (the International Dictionary of Artists). Paintings are held in private collections in France and abroad.