Gill Watkiss

Gill Watkiss establishes the atmosphere of the day or night, the sky or threatening cloud on the horizon or the joy of summer in her paintings before she places the people in. It is quite abstract to begin with. She prefers a dramatic landscape.The starting point is observing a colour, or shape, that triggers an emotion or reminds her of something within herself, perhaps a memory, Gill’s painting are very personal and become part of her, she often finds it difficult to part with them when they are completed. She sketches the outline for form, sometimes takes a photograph, and chooses the colours she wants to introduce in the picture.“I can memorise the way people stand. I notice features, and the way people look at one another. I remember that look, and the angle of the body, this creates the tension in a painting. I try to capture people in relation to one another.Gill becomes obsessive about a particular place, changing the colour and the people bringing in other atmospheres. Every morning in her studio she paints the events which have touched her, like a diary of the days of her week.How she feels is what she paints. She doesn’t think of the why of painting, It is a coming to terms with the difficulties and joys of life.(Taken from the book Twenty- two Painters who happen to be women St Ives by Marion Whybrow)ExhibitedSolo and mixed exhibitions include:N.E.C. BirminghamChelsea Contemporary Art FairCambridge Contemporary Art Fair.Art World Gallery in House ArtistThe Coach House Gallery, GuernseyNew Grafton GalleryPlymouth City MuseumMachynlleth WalesNewlyn Gallery, PenzanceThe Great Maps Gallery, St Just-in-PenzanceA retrospective of 20yrs work was held at the Newlyn Art Gallery to launch her book.The Vassar College of New York holds examples of her work.Gill Watkiss is listed in ARTISTS IN BRITAIN SINCE 1945 (David Buckman) for more information about Gill Watkiss’ work contact Art World Gallery