Jose Agustin Gonzalez Grillo

José Agustín González Grillo was born in La Havana, Cuba in 1957.

Grillo has been a dedicated professional artist for more than twenty years. His art is found in numerous private collections throughout the world – U.S.A., United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and others.

His art has been featured in North American art publications - the American Art Collector and Art News.


San Alejandro Art Academy. La Havana, Cuba, 1979-1984.

Art History Major College Degree. La Havana, Cuba, 1984-1990.

University Professor 1979-1990.

Working in Cuba and Venezuela.

Solo Exhibitions:

Ateneo de Barquisimeto. Venezuela. 1995.

Inglaterra Hotel, La Havana, Cuba 2003.

Arco Art Gallery, Coral Gables. Miami. Fl. USA. 2009.

RDZ Fine Art Gallery, Miami.Fl. USA. 2010.

Other Exhibitions:

First Biennial of La Havana 1984. Cuba.

Cuban Art Exposition 1992. Barcelona, Spain.

West Indian Gallery. Jamaica.

Victor Manuel Gallery. La Havana. Cuba.1996.

OñateGallery, Miami, Fl. USA

Casa Colón Gallery, Merida, México.

Shojo Gallery. Merida. México.

RDZ Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Fl. USA.

Arte Américas, Miami Beach Convention Center Miami Fl. USA. 2009.

Red Dot Art Fair Miami. 2009.Fl. USA.

Red Dot Art Fair New York.  2010. NY. USA.

Solo Art Miami. 2010 Miami. USA.

International Art Fair. Palm Beach.2011 and 2012. USA.