This painting has one of Steven Buckler's wonderful moody big skies, true Cornwall. ink and acrylic on paper Steven Buckler's current work is focused on the beautiful Cornish and Devonshire countryside, portraying it in all of its natural glory, as opposed to romanticising it with blue skies and sunshine. His wide moody skies and richness in colour of his pallet have become his signature. Initially Steven focuses on line and it's relationship to shapes and angles, he explores the detail of his chosen subject matter before moving on to explore tone and colour with the use of ink, paint and charcoal - or indeed a combination of them all. He is happiest experimenting with new techniques and materials, therefore he allows the subject to command the medium that suits it, rather than with the medium and selecting the subject. Phone 01326 219323 or mobile 07913 848515 to purchase the great painting

Height 35 cm / 14"
Width 69 cm / 27 "
Framed height 46 cm / 18 14"
Framed width 81 cm / 32"