Don't you just love him ? he's got real attitude !! mind that pasty of yours.   Richard Ballantyne Ceramics Richard Ballantyne's ceramics are as varied as the British climate - the work being both sculptural and functional, life size and miniature created from RAKU to high fired porcelain. Richard says of himself " Being not only a pyromaniac, but also a bit of a magpie, my work incorporates found objects in sculpture, anything from ash from Mount St, Helens in a glaze, to stones washed up on the beach used as plinths.... Everything else tells it's own story" Click and buy now or phone 01326 219323 mobile 07913 848515

Shipping P.O.A. Subject to quotation and will be charged separately.
Height 33 cm / 13 "
Width 23 cm / 9 "
Depth 28 cm / 11 "