England Chris Welsh is a still life painter living and working in the West Midlands. He studied painting at Wolverhampton College of Art in the early sixties and taught art in Wolverhampton before becoming a full time painter. Since then he has exhibited widely in England, Wales and the USA. He has held solo exhibitions in Shrewsbury, Newtown Powys and Long Island, New York and has shown in group exhibitions in NYC, London, Shropshire, Wales, Suffolk, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Long Island. He has successfully entered juried exhibitions in the USA and in London including the Sunday Times Watercolour Exhibition (eleven times), The Hunting Prizes and The Discerning Eye (in which he has been awarded three purchase prizes). His painting Straw Boater was selected and exhibited in the 2015 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Chris Welsh has worked almost exclusively in egg tempera since 1997. Egg Tempera involves using dry pigment, mixed with egg yolk and water, applied to an absorbent gesso ground, usually on board. The technique predates oil painting and has remarkable longevity. The wall paintings of ancient Egypt and Babylon are tempera, as are many of the paintings of Giotto, Botticelli, Raphael and Tintoretto.